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Finding the new scoresheet intimidating? Here is a quick visual of how it is done.

1. Ensure that all players are listed and if not listed write their names down at the bottom of the list or as a fill-in.

2. Fill in the position played each quarter. If the player is off the court put a dash. If the player plays the same position all game, you can just put in the changes. Put dashes for player who are not there.

3. Keep a tally of the goals and attempts. A line for a goal and a dot for an attempt. Cross the goals off the progressive tally as you go. At the end of each quarter tally up the goals and attempts for each shooter and add these together for the quarter total. The goals should match your progressive score.

4. Write the number of goals scored in the box at the bottom each quarter and add together for the final score. This should match your final progressive score.

5. Centre passes can be tracked on the centre pass tracker. You can use team A and team B or some other abbreviation that works for you.

6. Write the winner in the space provided at the bottom

7. Umpires and scorers should sign the scoresheet.

8 If there is a dispute, do not sign the sheet but write up the dispute on the back of the sheet. Disputes will only be entertained if both scorers were standing together.

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