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Junior Championships

Congratulations SCNA players, parents, coaches, umpires and support crew! What a wonderful weekend of sportsmanship and friendship. Some success with medals but so much to love about playing netball and team sport! Thank you to our amazing coaches who put so much time, thought, care and expertise into making it a wonderful experience for the players. To all our coaches- you all deserve a medal! Thank you!

To the parents who helped out on the BBQ, who filled drink bottles for players, and who supported the whole team and their coaches regardless of player performance, court time or the score! So great to see support for SCNA and our players.

And we are eternally grateful for the umpires and officials who make Champs weekend possible. Scna umpires represented us proudly and did an amazing job. Lead by Claudia Jenkins, who did an amazing job all weekend. Thank you all!

And to the wonderful skilful and probably very tired players- you left it all on the court and did SCNA proud!

Go Souths

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