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Grading Draws out for All Divisions

Net: 9am program starting 29th April - details to be emailed to participants

Juniors, Inters, Cadets & Seniors: see attachement below

2023 Grading 1.0
Download PDF • 177KB

Please check the draws carefully as you may have a bye game at either of the timeslots

Important info:

Grading Dates:

29th April

6th May

13th May

How it works: Each week teams will play 2 half games consisting of 10min halves (15min for seniors) - 2 mins between halves and 3 mins between games for teams to move to their new courts

Guide for game times and court use per division in 2023 Grading document

Changes to grading will be announced via email, FB and website

Some divisions do not currently have a fixture for the second game in week 3 of grading - this is due to the number of teams and wanting to avoid having teams play each other twice in grading. These game will likely turn into a regular full game - more to be advised as we proceed through the first 2 weeks!

Note: Cadets 3 - one game currently needs to be played at 2pm due to being at max court capacity - given cadets and seniors play different game lengths, we will have this cadets game running on court 2 (in front of the office) where they will be timed separately from the other seniors games.

Why do we grade:

The SCNA Comps team and SCNA Council use these grading games to help ensure all teams are in the correct division with other teams of a similar standard. At the end of grading Council and the SCNA Comps team will meet to discuss the results of games and skills displayed to make any final changes before official competition begins

If you have any questions related to grading, please contact your Club Coordinator or email Caity and Brock at &

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