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  • Junior Rep Championships

    A great weekend of Champs netball last weekend at the Solarhub ACT Netball Centre. All our teams made finals and our U14 Div 1 team made it through to the Grand final. A fantastic result. They unfortunately lost to TNA in the GF but not without a great fight and made our club proud. Congratulations to the teams, coaches, and managers, Also a big call out for our umpires who participated last weekend as well. Thanks to all who came out to watch, it was great to see so many SCNA players in the grandstand. This weekend we do it all again with our under 11-13 teams. As always we invite you to come and support our teams.

  • ACT Netball Holiday Program

    July school holidays are fast approaching and our School Holiday Clinics will be back with lot's of fun and learning. The clinic will run from Tuesday 11th through till Thursday 13th of July. All three days will start at 9:00am and finish at 12:30pm at the Solarhub ACT Netball ACT Centre, 435 Northbourne Avenue Lyneham ACT 2602 (indoor). Our clinics are all about having fun and being active. We cater to all levels of netball experience and fitness with a focus on enjoyment and the social benefits of netball. We ask that all participants bring a water bottle, morning team and a can do attitude and lots of energy! Some fresh fruit provided by Woolworths will also be available on all three days. If you have any questions, please contact Emma Brear - Program Coordinator If you are purchasing a two day ticket, please email Emma which days you would like to attend. Link here: Emma Brear (she/her) | Participation and Umpire Coordinator | Netball ACT

  • Scoresheets

    Finding the new scoresheet intimidating? Here is a quick visual of how it is done. 1. Ensure that all players are listed and if not listed write their names down at the bottom of the list or as a fill-in. 2. Fill in the position played each quarter. If the player is off the court put a dash. If the player plays the same position all game, you can just put in the changes. Put dashes for player who are not there. 3. Keep a tally of the goals and attempts. A line for a goal and a dot for an attempt. Cross the goals off the progressive tally as you go. At the end of each quarter tally up the goals and attempts for each shooter and add these together for the quarter total. The goals should match your progressive score. 4. Write the number of goals scored in the box at the bottom each quarter and add together for the final score. This should match your final progressive score. 5. Centre passes can be tracked on the centre pass tracker. You can use team A and team B or some other abbreviation that works for you. 6. Write the winner in the space provided at the bottom 7. Umpires and scorers should sign the scoresheet. 8 If there is a dispute, do not sign the sheet but write up the dispute on the back of the sheet. Disputes will only be entertained if both scorers were standing together.

  • Rosters Updated

    See our Resources Page and Useful Links for the updated Canteen, Court Support and BBQ Rosters.

  • Grading Week 3

    Week 1 & 2 done! Now onto Week 3 NET: continues on again this week at 9am on Court 2 SET & GO: Draws available on PlayHQ - no grading: Juniors, Inters/ Cadets and Seniors - Refer to Saturday 6th May Please note there have been some changes to courts/ timings of games - please read carefully to ensure you know when your games are!

  • Week 2 Grading

    Week 1 done! Now onto Week 2 NET: continues on again this week at 9am on Court 2 SET & GO: Draws available on PlayHQ - no grading: Juniors, Inters/ Cadets and Seniors - Refer to Saturday 6th May Please note there have been some changes to courts/ timings of games - please read carefully to ensure you know when your games are!

  • Grading Draws out for All Divisions

    Net: 9am program starting 29th April - details to be emailed to participants SET & GO: Draws available on PlayHQ - no grading: Juniors, Inters, Cadets & Seniors: see attachement below Please check the draws carefully as you may have a bye game at either of the timeslots Important info: Grading Dates: 29th April 6th May 13th May How it works: Each week teams will play 2 half games consisting of 10min halves (15min for seniors) - 2 mins between halves and 3 mins between games for teams to move to their new courts Guide for game times and court use per division in 2023 Grading document Changes to grading will be announced via email, FB and website Some divisions do not currently have a fixture for the second game in week 3 of grading - this is due to the number of teams and wanting to avoid having teams play each other twice in grading. These game will likely turn into a regular full game - more to be advised as we proceed through the first 2 weeks! Note: Cadets 3 - one game currently needs to be played at 2pm due to being at max court capacity - given cadets and seniors play different game lengths, we will have this cadets game running on court 2 (in front of the office) where they will be timed separately from the other seniors games. Why do we grade: The SCNA Comps team and SCNA Council use these grading games to help ensure all teams are in the correct division with other teams of a similar standard. At the end of grading Council and the SCNA Comps team will meet to discuss the results of games and skills displayed to make any final changes before official competition begins If you have any questions related to grading, please contact your Club Coordinator or email Caity and Brock at &

  • NetSetGO Net Helpers

    Helpers for Woolworths NSG NET Winter Competition 2023 NetSetGO is Australia’s official starter program for girls and boys aged 5 to 10. It’s a chance to learn the netball basics, get outside and make some friends. For a lot of kids, this is the first time they’ll pick up a netball or chuck on a bib. It’s a learning experience. And a lot of fun. SCNA is looking to fill a number of positions for our NetSetGO Net competition this year. We need a number of helpers (14+) to run the Net program and to assist our co-ordinator with this program. When: Saturday mornings 8:45am(set up) with the program running from 9am @ SCNA courts. The NET program will commence on Saturday 29 April 2023 and conclude on Saturday 26 August 2023. We expect that the program will run for an hour from 10am. (Time to be confirmed) We will not be running during school holidays or on the King's Birthday Weekend. It is expected that the co-ordinator/helpers will be available for most if not all weeks of the program. If you are likely to be unavailable on any particular dates, please let us know ASAP These are paid positions and all helpers will receive remuneration for their time To apply click the following link:

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