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2024 Netball starts 4 May 2024 - Update Senior Draw has changed.

Updated: Apr 30

Below please find the grading draws and court allocations for the 4th May 2024.

Please note that the draws for Woolworths NetSetGO Set and Go can be accessed on

NetSetGo Net will be at 9am on court 2.

Team Nominations 2024.xlsx - Junior Grading draws
Download PDF • 54KB

Team Nominations 2024.xlsx - Grading Draws Inters
Download PDF • 57KB

Team Nominations 2024.xlsx - Grading Draws Cadets
Download PDF • 50KB

Team Nominations & Draft Draws 2024.xlsx - Grading Draws Seniors
Download PDF • 53KB

Team Nominations & Draft Draws 2024 - final draft
Download PDF • 64KB

Canteen_ court support 2024 - Sheet1 (1)
Download PDF • 47KB

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